EUREGENETHY2: European cooperation network to collect & disperse ethical, safety & regulatory data in order to facilitate clinical implementation of gene transfer technology (gene therapy)

  • Bosch Tubert, Maria Fatima (Principal Investigator)
  • COHEN-HAGUENAUER, Odile (Investigator)
  • DEGLON, Nicole (Investigator)
  • FERRARI, Ben (Investigator)
  • LECHEVALLIER, Annie (Investigator)
  • LEDOCHOWSKI, Max (Investigator)
  • LOCATELLI, Gianni (Investigator)
  • LOWER, Johannes (Investigator)
  • MARSHALL-HEYMAN, Heather (Investigator)
  • MONTEIRO, Jose (Investigator)
  • NAVONE, Roberto (Investigator)
  • ROSENTHAL, Felicia (Investigator)
  • SAARIKOSKI, Seppo (Investigator)
  • STEINAUER, Paul-Henri (Investigator)
  • THOLE, D (Investigator)

Project Details


In the rapidly moving area of gene therapy, fast adaptation to evolving knowledge is essential in order to better define ethical & safety provisions. The Euregenethy 2 will continue to focus on the ethical, safety and regulatory issue s related to clinical implementation of gene transfer technology in order to facilitate and help harmonise it.

Our current objectives are threefold:
(i) Fostering interaction between regulators, scientists and industry;
(ii) Offering a potential for a referral organisation following-up on evolving technologies;
(iii) Increase public accountability.

Means to achieve these goals are:
(1) Organisation of focused meetings and maintaining sessions at ESGT;
(2) Publication of an annual newsletter;
(3) Interactive web-page;
(4) Initiate safety & technology data-bases; GT-products & cell biology (including stem cells);
(5) Clinical trials data-base including a survey of successful trials.
Effective start/end date1/12/0130/09/05


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