Estudis termodinàmics i cinètics de transformacions de fase en capes fines i nanocristalls utilitzant una técnica nanocalorimètrica

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This project has the objective to study kinetics and thermodynamics parameters involved during reactions in thin film and/or nanocrystalline systems. To achieve this goal we will use a thin film nanocalorimeter, based on microfabriction technology.The reduced separation between the sensor and the analizad material allows a very rapid heat exchange between them enabling the detection of very small heats of reaction. Within this novel appoach, we expect to deepen on the current knowledge of the mechanisms which drive phase transformation in systems based on thin films. In particular, we will study melting point variation as a function of CdSe nanocrystal size and interdiffusion in Cu/Mg bilayers. Afterwards, we will use the calorimetric microreactor as a CVD reactor to deposit a-Si and Fe thin films. We will study by nanocalorimetry the crystallization kinetics of a-Si and the oxidation in water vapour atmospheres of the Fe films. This work will be completed carrying on structural (HRTEM) and RX) and compositional (XPS) characterization. Moreover, nuicleation and crystal growth in the Cu/Mg and a-Si system will be modelled using the PKJMA approach
Effective start/end date28/12/0127/12/04


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