Estudis sobre la capacitat de reinervació en el sistema nerviós perifèric

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    This project involves carrying out a set of experiments leading to the characterization, through techniques of functional and morphological evaluation, of processes of reinnervation which take place after lesions to peripheral nerves in mice and rats. The results obtained in the follow-up to functional recovery will be correlated in each case with histological findings and changes. In the first place, the effectiveness of reinnervation will be compared between damaged axons which regenerate and intact axons which branch. The analysis of the reinnervation of three organs (muscle, skin and sweat glands) will also permit the knowledge of the differences between the regenerative capacities of different types of axons (mielinic and amielinic, motor and sensorial). Secondly, we propose to study a serie of factors which may influence the effective reinnervation of the target organs, submitting
    Effective start/end date13/07/8913/07/92


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