Estudis sobre el mecanisme d'eliminació del recobriment de les vesícules folrades en l'endocitosis cel·lular

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The present research project focuses on the mechanism of clathrin removal from coated vesicles by the 70 kd uncoating ATPases isolated from bovine brain and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Such activity allows the fusion between the membranes of vesicles and endosomes in such a way that the specific content of the vesicles can be released to the appropriate target inside the cell. We intend to study if the 70 kd protein acts in a stoichimetric rather than in a catalytic way. Other focuses of the study are the separation of the components of the 70kd family and to study which member or members have uncoating activity. Finally we will modify the clathrin (by phosphorylation with casein kinases I and II) and we will study the effect on the uncoating
Effective start/end date1/04/8931/03/90


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