Estudis funcionals i estructurals de l'alcohol deshidrogenasa

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Dehydrogenase alcohol (DHA) of mammals shows several isoenzymes, unevenly distributed in organs and tissues. The enzyme exhibits a wide substrate specificity, which suggests a psychological function related to the metabolism of endogenous alcohols and aldehydes. In the present project we are going to study the functional role of the ADH isoenzymes in the metabolism of vitamin A (retinol) and of the corresponding aldehyde, retinal. To this aim, we will determine the kinetic constants of the three rat isoenzyms (classes I, II and III) with the trans and 11-cis retinoids. The 11-cis isomers are specific for ocular tissues, so we will estimate the contribution of DHA in the visual cycle. We are going to characterize the soluble and membrane-bound, specific alcohol dehydrogenases in order to know the relative role of each system in this important process that regenerates the rhodopsin and pro
Effective start/end date2/08/902/08/93


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