Estudio y edición del "Essai de dictionnaire historique de la langue catalane" o "Inventari Alart" (1862-1880), de J.B. Alart.

  • Melchor Muñoz, Vicent De (Principal Investigator)
  • Luna Batlle, Francesc Xavier (Investigator)
  • Segarra Neira, Milagros (Investigator)
  • Soberanas Lleó, Amadeu (Investigator)
  • Massanell Messalles, Mar (Researcher on contract)
  • Camps Christian (Investigator)
  • Catafau, Aymat (Investigator)
  • Costa, Georges (Investigator)
  • Escudero, Jean-Paul (Investigator)
  • Mascarella Rovira, Jordi (Investigator)
  • Moran Ocerinjauregui, Josep (Investigator)
  • Massanell Messalles, Maria del Mar (Researcher on contract)

Project Details


The main objective of the INVALART project is computerize, inicially, the first third of "inventari Aart" (IA) by the French-Catalan philologist, historian and archivist J.B. Alart (1824-1880). This unpublished historic Catalan dictionary comprises 14.639 words as dictionary entries. Its corresponding articles bring together some 170.000 examples of these words in their context, mainly taken from archive sources (though there are also some from literary sources) in a period ranging from the 9th to the 19th centuries, making a corpus of some 830.000 significant words (some 440.000 more are out of quotations). INVALART would aim to make available, through the use of CD-Rom and Internet, a high quality, structured interactive database of all material contained in IA. Consequently, we belive the proposed project will be of considerate impact on future research into Catalan, especially that of different periods. Moreover, the usefulness of INVALART has clear applications to the History of Catalonian, particulary the Medieval period, as well as to the studies on Medieval Latin. As secundary objectives, INVALART would aim to contribute to the European integration project, through international and interregional co-operation, and its particpant members would also seek to apply the experience gained to future projects such as a "Thesaurus" or great Catalan, dictionary on historic pinciples, or a detailled study of the life and works of J.B. Alart, "the first Catalan linguist-philologist" (josep Gulsoy).
Effective start/end date19/12/0019/12/03


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