Estudi sobre les capacitats de reinervació dels axons sudomotors

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This project includes the performance of a series of experiments attempting to evaluate and characterize the mechanisms of reinnervation of sweat glands by sudomotor axons, after lesions of the peripheral nerves. The results obtained during the follow-up of functional recovery, by means of the silicone mold technique, will be correlated with histological studies of the nerve pathways and of the gland reinnervation. First, we will compare the effectiveness of reinnervation by regenerative injured axons and by collateral sprounting of intact axons. Both mechanisms cooperate to the recovery of sweat activity after lesions. In a second step, the effect of partial selective lesions will be studied in order to ascertain the possible improvement in the extension of reinnervation territories. In the third experiment, we will analyze the effect of conditioning lesions on the regeneration rate of sudomotor axons, and study the maintenance of regenerative capabilities of neurons subjected to repeated axonal lesions
Effective start/end date1/04/8931/03/90


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