Estudi molecular i citogenètic de tumors de bufeta i renals

  • Miró Ametller, Rosa (Principal Investigator)
  • Barrios Sanromà, Leonardo (Investigator)
  • Caballin Fernandez, Rosa (Investigator)
  • Fuster Marqués, Carme (Investigator)

Project Details


Over the last years, the combination of cytogenetics and molecular biology has allowed the localization of genes that are important in the processes of tumor initiation and progression. Trisomy 7 is a frequent alteration in both renal and bladder tumors. Previous studies have shown that several genes located in this chromosome (EGFR, PDGF-A) are involved in cell proliferation and invasiveness. While some authors have detected a correlation between high levels of EGF Receptor and invasiveness capacity, little is known about PDGF-A. For that reason we want to analyze the expression of both genes, and correlate it with chromosome 7 alterations and tumoral phenotype. On the other hand, the cytogenetic results show a loss of specific chromosomonal regions during the progression of bladder tumors: 3p14-21, 6q21, 9q11-21, 11p15.5, 17p13. Some of these alterations are also common in renal cell c
Effective start/end date22/06/9222/06/95


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