Estudi indirecte d'ovocits humans mitjançant anàlisi citogenètic del primer corpuscle polar

  • Navarro Ferrete, Joaquima (Principal Investigator)
  • Benet Catala, Jordi (Investigator)
  • Durban Llenas, María Mercedes (Scholar)
  • Espín Martínez, Ana María (Hospital San Juan d (Investigator)
  • Veiga Lluch, Ana María (Instituto Universit (Investigator)

Project Details


Study objective: To improve the first polar body fixative procedure in order to apply with a 100% of efficiency the cytogenetic diagnosis of the corresponding MII. To evaluate the complementary of those chromosome complements (first polar body and MII). Apply these method in preconceptional diagnosis in chromosome rearranged carriers females. Chromosome identification by molecular cytogenetic methods. Design: Obtention of mature oocytes. Chromosome complements of human first polar body from normal females and chromosome rearranged carriers females after "in situ" hybridization. Setting: Sanitary area of Barcelona. Patients Normal females and chromosome rearranged carriers females ascertained in Clinical Genetics Departments and "in vitro" centre in Barcelona. Interventions: Obtention of chromosome complements from human first polar body. Application of FISH-painting. Measurements: Molecular cytogentic analysis of normal chromosomes and derivatives chromosome in first polar body chromosome complements. Segregation analysis of the chromosome involved rearrangements. Evaluation of the complementarity between first polar body cfhromosome complements and the corresponding MII chromosome complement. Efficiency of the "in situ" hynridization in that chromosome material.
Effective start/end date29/01/9829/01/01


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