Estudi i catalogació dels fons històrico-medievals conservats al Museu d'Història de la Medicina de Barcelona

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This study represents a research in the field of medical museology.We start from the relation ship with some museological institutions concerning history of medicine. Specially with the Museum of History of Medicine of Catalonia. The principal objective is based on the search of information in order to complete the work of registering systems and documentation about the instruments and medical objects we are about to study. For that reason we will previously stablish the rules for the generic classification, adaptating them to the concepts used in the particular field of museology and history of medicine. As a matter of fact, research and retrieval of bibliography on the origins and evolution of old medical objects take up a very important part of the project. Later on, we expect to start the process of computering with the idea to work out a catalogue on the historical medical heritage
Effective start/end date8/06/9331/12/96


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