Estudi funcional de pèptids associats al MHC en malalties autoimmunes. Recerca d'anàlegs peptídics d'utilitat terapèutica

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Epithelial cells are the targets of many autoimmune diseases and express class II and high levels of class I MHC molecules. The MHC molecules are associated to self peptides which presumably are being recognized by autoreactive T cells. The identification of these peptides will permit the design of TCR-recognition inhibitory peptides and therefore modulate the autoimmune response. In this project we propose (1) to study the T cell response to a series of self peptides well defined by T cell clones. These peptides will be the basis to produce a combinatorial peptide library where the peptides will have the same sequence modified specifically in TCR-binding sites. This way we expect to identify peptides of acting as partial agonist and antagonist of the original response. (2) to analyze the peptides associated to MHC molecules in autoimmune thyroid epithelial cells, to obtain sequences capable of activating selfreactive T cells. The final appliccation of these data will be the design of new peptide libraries on the basis of sequenced self peptides to obtain antagonist peptides capable of inhibiting the autoimmune process.
Effective start/end date1/10/001/10/03

Collaborative partners

  • Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) (lead)


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