Estudi dels lipooligosacàrids presents a la paret cel.lular de \i Mycobacterium tuberculosis\i0 . Avaluació de la seva utilitat en el diagnòstic serològic de la tuberculosi

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The present research project intends to apply the knowledge and technology acquired during two study periods (1989-1990) in Centre de Recherche de Biochemie et Génétique Cellulaires de l'Université Paul Sabatier de Toulouse and Unité de la Tuberculose et des Mycobactéries de l'Institut Pasteur de Paris. Research will focus on the study of the distribution and antigenicity of the glycolipids (lipooligosaccharides type) present in several strains of "M. tuberculosis", as well to evaluate the usefulness of these new selected antigens for the serological diagnosis of tuberculosis. To achieve this objectives it will be necessary to improve the various techniques for the extraction and analysis of mycobacterial glycolipids. There will be an adaptation of immunological techniques, such as enzymeimmunoanalysis, for use with these antigens and new methods of rapid screening immunostaining on thin
Effective start/end date10/11/9231/12/95


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