Estudi del paper del CRF en models animals de depressió, utilitzant soques consanguínies de rata

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    Despite enormous efforts spent on the study of the biochemistry of depression, the biochemical causes of depressive disorders remain unknown. Tests carried out both on animals and people have shown, however, that the cortico-tropic releasing factor (CRF) could be one of the endogenous factors involved in the appearance of at least some of the disorders associated with depressive states. The present project sets out to clarify the role of CRF in depressive disorders by studying the correlation between several measurements of biochemicals which indicate the functional activity of CRF on the endocrinal level (activation of the pituitary-adrenal axis) and on the central level (concentration, characteristics of its receivers and genetic expression in different cerebral areas) and the conduct of various inbred rats stocks in two tests considered as causing animal models of depression (Porsolt'
    Effective start/end date10/12/9010/12/93


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