Estudi del discurs científic de divulgació i les seves estructures i de les seves estructures en francés i en espanyol. Preparació de materials per un programa de traducció.

  • Blas González, Ana (Principal Investigator)

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This study is based in text linguistics, a little developed area in Spain. A corpus of popular scientific texts (on one particular field) published in different French, Spanish and English magazines will be studied. The following will be analyzed: 1) French discourse produced directly in French; 2) Spanish discourse produced directly in Spanish; 3) Spanish discoruse translated from French; 4) French and Spanish discourse translated from English. This analysis will make possible the identification of syntactic and lexical discursive constants and variables which will allow the development of distributed and modular trasnlation programs of specialized texts as well as mini-dictionaires of different popular scientific discourses. Specialized text translation is an area of increasing importance in the overall volume of translation done in Europe. The results of this research will have immedi
Effective start/end date1/11/961/11/98


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