Estudi de polimorfismes sanguinis a la Vall d'Aran (Pirineu Central). II. Proteïnes plasmàtiques; enzims eritrocitaris i grups sanguinis

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This project is based on the genetic characterization of the autochtonous and resident population in the Aran Valley, through the study of various biochemical polymorphisms (protein systems, enzyme systems and blood groups) involving three protein systems (Gc, Pi and Tf), six enzym systems (ADA, 6-PGD, EsD, ACP-1, GLO-I and PGM-1) and eight blood groups (ABO, Lewis, P, Rh, MNSs, Kell, Duffy and Kidd). Once the population of the Aran Valley is analysed, their characterization will allow us to set up: a) the characterization of the resident population; b) the separation of the non-autochtonous individuals from the resident population in order to compare them with the autochtonous population; c) the comparation of the population of the Aran Valley with populations of Iberian Peninsula, Mediterranean Area and other European populations, and so the establishment of the genetic distances betwe
Effective start/end date26/09/9126/09/94


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