Estudi de polimorfismes bioquímics a la Vall d'Aran (Pirineus centrals)

  • Aluja Paris, Maria Pilar (Principal Investigator)
  • Collell Pasques, Montserrat (Investigator)
  • Malgosa Morera, Assumpció (Investigator)
  • Nogués Carulla, Ramon Maria (Investigator)
  • Arroyo i Aragón, Antonio (Collaborator)
  • Bas i Roigé, Marcel (Collaborator)

Project Details


The aim of the present project is to characterize the population of the Vall d'Aran (autochthonous, no autochthonous, and resident) by mean of some biochemical polymorphisms (blood groups, HLA system, plastic proteins and erythrocitary enzymes). This pyrenaic valley has a special interest, because "a priori" we think it could present own characteristics that would differentiate it from the others valleys near. These own traits are based as the possession of an own language (aranès) as the population origin and the physiography, which maintained the country isolated, This isolation make imply some endemic anomalies could appear, they could be detected by the polymorphisms we study
Effective start/end date1/01/8831/12/88


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