Estudi de l'estat normal, heavy fermion i superconductor de sistemes amb alta correlació electrònica, i aplicacions a la levitació magnètica

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In this project we will synthesize different class of ligands which will be coordinated to transition metals: amphiphilic phosphines, water-soluble carboxylates and thiolates. These complexes will be tested as catalysts, in particular in two-phase catalytic reactions. We will start the synthesis of polydentate ligands by coupling glycerol with other substrates, specially N-donors in order to be useful in asymmetric catalysis. Amphiphilic ligands prepared by our group will be studied as a coordinating agents to \super 99m\nosuper Tc and the obtained complexes will be tested as radiopharmaceuticals.
Effective start/end date1/12/971/12/00


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