Estudi de l'embriotoxicitat del netobimín: anàlisi del mecanisme d'acció teratològic i establiment d'un model general per als estudis de teratogènia.

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The main goal of the Netobimin and its metabolite (albendazole andalbendazole sulfoxide) embryotoxicity study plan, is to establish ageneral model for further investigations on teratogeny. This one hasto be the appropiate model to value the possible teratogen effect ofdrug or a substance which is supposed to have toxic activity and topermit a prediction of the effects in mammals and specially in human. To reach the proposed objective, the kinetics and tissue distributionof albendazole and sulfoxide will be investigated through HPLCtechnics in sheep, in which the teratogenic activity of the drug hasbeen observed, and in chicken embryo, used as an experimental model. Besides this, the teratogenic mechanisms of the compound will beevaluated by embryologic experiences pointing on the study ofpossible modifications of the normal vertebra development, as it isconsidered a frequent target of ma
Effective start/end date8/11/908/11/92


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