Estudi de la xarxa microcirculatòria en el cor humà

  • Reig Vilallonga, Josep (Principal Investigator)
  • Calvet Marquez, Santiago (Investigator)
  • Garcia Bonafe, Maria Magdalena (Investigator)
  • Mirapeix Lucas, Rosa Maria (Investigator)
  • Toran Fuentes, Núria (Investigator)
  • Cortes Artisern, Jordi (Investigator)

Project Details


The presence of coronary anastomoses in subjects with normal hearts is well know as well as great anastomotic channels in subjects with progressive cardiac disease resulting from the development of pre-formed channels. Experimental studies have shown that the increment of the survival rate from a gradual coronary occlusion depends on the existence of a rich pre-formed anastomotic network that follows a growth process for getting used to the new hemodynamic situation. Corrosion casting and viewing of replicas with the scanning electron microscope will be used in this study. The images obtained will be studied by an image analysis system to obtain the vascular density index. Thus, this method can demostrate the microvasculature network in the normal heart as well as measure the arterial anastomoses and the arterio-venous connections
Effective start/end date1/04/9131/03/92


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