Estudi comparatiu de l'efecte de l'ultrahomogeneització en dos fluids (llet de vaca i liquat de soja) per a l'obtenció de derivats fermentats

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The aim of this project is to apply the ultrahomogenisation technology (UH) (up to 350 MPa) to cow and soya milk respectively for developing fermented products of high quality. It will be investigated the UH as a possible alternative to the pasteurization, and also, the UH machine will be optimized for its use in the food industry. This technology is a continuous operation that can be improved regarding the traditional process. It will permit to combine the effect of the UH with mild conditions of temperature, acting both effects in very short time. These operating conditions can suppose considerable benefits in the maintenance of the nutritional and hygienic quality of the processed foods. It is necessary to highlight that the great increment of the number of particles in dispersion taken place by the UH in comparison with the conventional homogenisation, will rebound directly in the improvement of the characteristics of the gel products (higher consistency, increase of the stability during the storage and increase in the capacity of water retention). On the other hand, the shear forces and cavitation acting in the operation, will be responsible of the microbial inactivation
Effective start/end date1/12/0330/05/07


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