Estudi acústic de la variació inter i intralocutor en espanyol

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The project is concerned with the acosutic study of inter -and intra- speaker variation in Spanish. In further stages of the research, results will be used to improve automatic speaker recognition, identification and verification systems and will also be applied to practical work in forensic phonetics. The tasks to be performed during the three years duration of the project will address the analysis of acosutic parameters related to the segmenatl and suprasegmental elements of speech, in order to assess the degree of intra-speaker variation and to establish a comparison with the phonetic variation found in the realizations of the same linguistic units by different speakers. A survey of the publications in Spanish acoustic phonetics, speaker recognition and forensic phonetics will be carried out so as to establish working hypotheses. Available corpora will be considered from the point of view of the specific data needed for the study, and additional resources will be created if necessary. Acoustic analysis of the corpus will be carried out using the standard methods and tools in experimental phonetics. Data will be statistically analysed and will also be studied from the point of view of phonetic theory, establishing the relationships between inter -and intra- speaker variation. The results will facilitate the integration of phonetic knowledge into automatic speaker recognition systems and will as well provide an empirical basis for phonetic work carried out in forensic contexts
Effective start/end date28/12/0127/12/04


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