Estructura i cinemàtica de bandes de deformació a l'escorça.

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Deformation in the crust is characterized by its remarkable inhomogeneity. This inhomogeneity is revealed by the presence of bands along which strain concentrates and furthermore separate lower strain domains. These banded structures can form under different tectonic regimes. These deformation bands represent structures which enable the accommodation of deformation at different crustal levels and consequently their knowledge is a clue question for the interpretation of a given part of the crust. The study of related minor sized structures is of capital importance due to the fact that obtained results can be applied to larger scale structures due to the frequent existence self-similarity patterns. The kind of banded structures to be studied are the following: 1) mylonite belts related to ductile shear zones developed under different tectonic regimes, 2) fault zones and the related fault r
Effective start/end date1/08/951/08/00


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