Estructura electrònica i models d'acoblament fermiònic en superconductors "High Tc" i "Heavy fermion"

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Starting from the electronic structure, we attempt with this research: a) to analize the pair coupling from spin and charge fluctuations as interfermion pair interaction; b) to solve the strong coupling equations using these effective pair interactions; c) to find the density of states for the superconductiviting phase of YBaCuO like systems, and the symmetries of the fermions of the pairs; d) to decipher the relation between antiferromagnetism and high "Tc" superconductivity. In addition, we wish to determine the evolution of the electronic structure of CeSi2 with the temperature, discrimining the effects due to the interchange between magnetic moments of localized and extended states from those arising from the screening of the cristal potential, analizing both the Kondo effect abd superconductivity in heavy fermion systems.
Effective start/end date27/07/9427/07/97


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