Electronic structure and mechanisms of electronic coupling in high transition temperature superconductors

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The aim of this research project is to analyse the electronic structure of high transition temperature superconductors from the theoretical point of view. The study can be divided into four parts: a) analysis of the structure of bands, density of states and Fermi surface of compounds of YBaCuO, ReBaCuO and BiCaBaCuO; b) in the calculation of this electronic structure, examination of the effects of strong correlation between copper electrons by means of non local and energy dependent potentials deduced from the Hamiltonian multiband Hubbard; c) evaluation of effective interionic interactions (beyond the Hamiltonian Hubbard) between p/d, p/p and d/d electrons. This will be done on the basis of dynamic screenings that propitiate attractive interactions at a range of frequencies lower than the cut frequency; d) solution of the superconductor gap equations "delta" (K)=-"sigma"k'Vkk +k'"flecha
Effective start/end date17/11/8917/11/92


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