Estructura cristal.lina i densitat electrònica de monòmers base de polímers monodimensionals organometàl.lics

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This proposal is focused on the crystallographic and crystallochemical study (crystallization, X-ray diffraction, crystal structure determination and electron density studies) of a series of one-dimensional oligomeric organometallic compounds: a) metallocenic oligomers; b) iron dicationic derivatives for pentalene and s-indacene ligands; c) iron oligomers coordinated with arenes. The proposal is coordinated with professor's Román and Manríquez Chilean groups who have already synthetized some products. The crystallochemical characterization of these products is a significative improvement for the UAB's crystallographic group because of the specific importance of these oligomers and for the integration of different crystallographic techniques (crystal structure and electronic density studies) for the resolution of a solid state chemical problem.
Effective start/end date7/06/9331/12/96


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