Estrategies de operación global de sistemas hibridos en la industria de procesos

  • Moreno Ortiz, Romualdo (Principal Investigator)
  • Carrera Muyo, Julian (Investigator)
  • Serra Pujol, Ignasi (Investigator)
  • Serra Ruiz, Jordi (Investigator)
  • Vilanova Arbos, Ramon (Investigator)
  • Candau Pérez, José (Investigator)
  • Cembellín Sánchez, Antonio (Investigator)
  • Fuente Aparicio, María Jesus de la (Investigator)
  • Sainz Palmero, Gregorio Ismael (Investigator)
  • Tadeo Rico, Fernando Juan (Investigator)
  • Vega Cruz, Pastora Isabel (Investigator)
  • Zamarreño Cosme, Jesús Maria (Investigator)
  • Álvarez Álvarez, Teresa (Investigator)

Project Details


The main objective of the proposed co-ordinated project consists in developing a hierarchical control system architecture, oriented to process industries, including layers of: production management, unit control and equipment control, in such a way that every layer could operate independently of the internal behaviour of its lower layers. The architecture will be based on the application of the recent modelling and control strategies for hybrid systems, to the design of the production management layer, and the group expertise in complex system control stategies (predictive/robust control), to the design of lower layers. A main aspect for the architecture desing is reliability and operation safety. To achieve that, fault detection and controller reconfiguration strategies will be included in the desing. Fault tolerant control features are included in the architecture desing but, in addition, this subject constitutes the main objective of subproject 2, where will be studied from two perspectives. The first one is the integrated desing of the control and fault detection modules using techniques based on Robust Control. The second idea is based in the active fault tolerant control with three units: the FDI scheme based on neural networks the reconfigurable control using models and a supervisor system. The project tries also to develop real-time software tools and all methods will be proved in simulated systems,a pilot plant and a wastewater treatment plant.
Effective start/end date28/12/0027/12/03

Collaborative partners

  • Universidad de Valladolid


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