Estratègies d'intervenció comunitària i individual per a promocionar l'activitat física saludable: una aplicació en la comunitat universitària

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Evidences showing that sedentarism is a risk factor for certain diseases such as cardiovascular alterations or prematuredeath have been increasing during the recent years. Benefits from an active life-style, health and well-being have been consistently showed. However, most of the people remain sedentary. Our previous studies showed than 50% of the University community are sedentary. The main purpose of the present project is to promote health, increase well-being and the quality of life, as well as academic or professional performance. The planning established will be useful as a model to promote healthy physical activity in other populations. The following are three particular purposes that will help to get the main purpose: 1. Community Intervention: develop and apply promotion strategies oif healthy physical activity in university community, adpted three types of target-users: students, PDI and PAS. 2: individual intervention: to develop a healthy physical exercise program which will be applied to arepresentative sample of university community. The types of target-uses will be distinguished. The follow-up and the benefits will be measured at different levels. 3, Methodological Purposes: a software will be developed in order to make possible individualized planning and "follow-up" and a results obtained
Effective start/end date28/12/0127/12/04


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