Espectroscòpia Raman d'estructures GaInAs/InP crescudes per MBE

  • Pascual Gainza, Jordi (Principal Investigator)

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The study is proposed of the quality of GaInAs/InP (SQW, MQW) structures and the effect produced by what has been damaged by RIE in InPi GaInAs, using Raman experiments. The first step is the study of Raman spectrum of GaInAs, followed by the study of: a) The qualities of the InP/GaInAs and GaInAs/InP interphases, proceeding to a Raman examination of the different layers of SQW after successive chemical attacks; b) the quality of the MQW and, in particular, the influence of the GaxInl-xAs composition disorder on the width of the Raman peaks; study of the band to band transitions, intersubband transitions and of the measurements of offsets of GaInSa-InP bands; c) since for the manufacture of structures of low dimensionality (quantum wires, I-D and quantum dots, O-D) a dry etching with iron (RIE) bombardment is needed, the quality of these structures is strongly conditioned by damage produ
Effective start/end date17/11/8917/11/92


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