Especiació en els \i tuco-tucos\i0 , rosegadors subterranis sud-americans del gènere \i Ctenomys\i0

  • Ponsà Fontanals, Montserrat (Principal Investigator)
  • García Caldés, Montserrat (Investigator)

    Project Details


    This research project aims to gain a deeper understanding of speciation processes in the South-American subterranean rodents of the genus "Ctenomys" ("tuco-tucos") from the advances obtained in the last seven years in Argentina by Dr. Osvaldo A. Reig and his associates, through a multidisciplinary bi-national enterprise between Spain and Argentina. It is intended to test the hypothesis that the explosive and extensive speciaton which occurred in tuco-tucos since Middle Pleistocene and which led to the present 57 living species, was mainly triggered by chromosomal rearrangements will also be studied determined by intrinsic factos related to the dynamics of genome reorganization. Population factors which may have contributed to the fixation of chomosomal rearrangements will also be studied by the assessment of ecological structure and alloenzyme variability. The role of a chromosome DNA sa
    Effective start/end date1/01/9131/12/94


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