Espais de llaços finits i teoria de foliacions

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This is the continuation of the research programm PB85-0393 developed in the last 3 years. The two main subjects are related by the use of many common techniques. In the research team there are topologists, with a good knowledgement of the techniques of Algebraic Topology and diferential geometers, specialists in the techniques of Differential Topology. Both subjects have in common the strong need of Lie group techniques. The main purposes of this programme are: "Finite loop spaces": A finite loop space is a compact space which admits a "classifying space". The main example is that of compact Lie groups, which occupy the principal place, so much so that the theory of finite spaces can be understood as a purely homotopic study of the Lie groups and their classifying spaces. The main problems are: a) Problems at the cohomology level (classification, mappings between classifying spaces. b)
Effective start/end date22/11/9022/11/91


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