Equacions d'estat i de transport de sistemes complexos (ECUESTRESCOM)

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State and transport equations in complex systems usuallu emphasize non-linear topics, to which we add, in this project, memory and non-local effects, able to describe the transition from diffusive to ballistic transport. In this way we can deal with a wide range of phenomena which cannot be covered by usual equations. Our project combines macroscopic views with microscopic ones, dynamics with thermodynamics, equilibrium with non-equilibrium topics, and deals with complex systems in technology, biology and cosmology. We apply an extension of irreversible thermodynamics to complex fluids (polymers, superfluids, turbulence) as well as to energy transport in miniature systems. In biological systems, we analyze the propagation of biological population fronts taking into account delay effects, and statitical mechanics of biomimetic membranes. Concerning complexity, we deal with the structure of trophic networks in ecology, new space-time scale laws in sismicity, and new equations of state for dark matter and dark energy as well as their effect on the accelerated expansion of the universe and on the gravitational wave background.
Effective start/end date1/10/0631/03/10

Collaborative partners

  • Universitat de Girona
  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) (lead)


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