Epidemiologia de les malalties respiratòries del porc: obtenció i caracterització de soques virulentes

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    First objective: To isolate, identify and describe "A. pleuropneumoniae", "S. suis" and "P. multocida" stumps from oropharynx, lung and meninges. Second objective: To find out how the pig's respiratory pathogenic bacteria are transmitted between and within closed populations. To find out how to overcome these microorganisms. a) To find out whether defined stumps of "A. pleuropneumoniae", "S. suis" and "P. multocida" are transmitted from farm to farm on carrying animals. b) To define the horizontal movement dynamics of these stumps on globaly-manipulated closed populations. c) To define this horizontal transmission in continual-flow closed populations. d) To compare the percentage of breathing injuries within the animals of both groups and to define whether these injuries are corresponded to differences in productivity. e) Measures to be developed in preventive medecine for the success in
    Effective start/end date3/03/923/03/93


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