Entorn per al desenvolupament d'aplicacions paral.leles

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    The objective of the project is to offer to the user of a parallel computer an integrated environment which lets him create, execute, test and debug progams without having to know the details and particularities of the execution of applications on a parallel computer. This objective has been structured in four modules. In the "program design" module we include the definition and realization of the programming graphic environment, and the precompilation phase in order to link the generated code with the simulator as well as with parallel computer. Apart from this, the module will include a task scheduler which is in charge of the tasks distribution and static planification on the parallel system processors. In the "Parallel system" module the virtualization of the computer is performed. In each processor some resident sofware will be developed. This software will be in charge of the trans
    Effective start/end date1/07/951/07/98


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