Els vídeos als tribunals de justícia. Les funcions del Ministeri Fiscal en els processos penals: anàlisi de dades etnogràfiques

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This project points to the description of the structure and functioning of the practical and conceptual activity developped by Public Prosecutors in the exercise of their competences in criminal law cases. The Project points to the connections between them and the Courts, the police and administrative agencies. The collected data has been obtained through field research and videotapes in Barcelona Superior Courts. This research includes legal, sociological, anthropological and methodological aspects. It tries to achieve: 1) empirical data through field research; 2) discoursive processes analysis of these textual protocols through the use of computer programs for qualitative data processing (ALCESTE, SPAD-T, MECA); 3) the focusing in memory processes, reasoning, inference and legal qualifiction of facts; and 4) legal evaluation of the results in order to contribute to the present legal re
Effective start/end date1/08/951/08/98


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