Els quàntum dots modificats biològicament com a bionanoestructures intel·ligents per al desenvolupament de nous sistemes de detecció incloent la seva integració en un lab-on-a-xip

  • Merkoçi Hyka, Arben (Principal Investigator)
  • Lermo Soria, Ana Isabel (Researcher on contract)
  • Aldavert Miró, Marta (Researcher on contract)

Project Details


The project involves the design of new smart nanostructures modified with biological molecules for applications in electrochemical sensing and biosensing systems. Quantum dots (QDs) with easy electrochemical detectable properties will be used as tags for DNA, antibodies or other biomolecules. Other micro and nanostructures, like carbon nanotube, polystyrene beads or micelles, loaded with QDs will be used to enhance the electrochemical labelling capacity as well as improve the electron transference. The prepared materials will be studied previously using various electrochemical and optical methods. The selected bionanostructures will be applied to develop three general models of sensing systems. In the first group we will develop the so called multicoding technology that will employ various nanoparticles to label various DNA strands (or antibodies). The same sensor will transduce a complex signal that will simultaneously give information related to the recognised strands - each one corresponding to a different QD. The second group will deal with the arrays of DNA (or immuno) sensors that use the same nanoparticle as tracer. The sensor array will transduce signals coming from each DNA strand, immobilised onto one sensor that will recognise the DNA analyte upon the hybridisation event. The integration of QDs into a Lab-on-a-chip sensing system based on capillary zone electrophoresis of DNA strands labelled or not with QDs along with an in-chip magnetical separation of paramagnetical beads used as immobilisation support, represents the third group of devices. The project will demonstrate the availability of the three biosensing models for the detection of DNA strands with interest for the diagnostic of chronic or cancer disease related genes
Effective start/end date13/12/0412/12/05


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