Els mitògrafs grecs: edició crítica i comentada

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The work will be centred on following Greek mytogrphers: Pseudo-Apolodorus, \ul Bibliotheca\ul0 . Eratosthenes, \ul Catasterismi\ul0 . Antoninus Liberalis, \ul Transformationes\ul0 . Partheninus of Nicaea, \ul Amores\ul0 . Conon, \ul Narrationes\ul0 . Of each one of these texts, an edition will be made, which will include: i. Introduction: a. Author. Date and place of composition. b. Study and analysis of the contents. c. Study of mytographical sources. d. Mytographical study. e. Study of the text and pricniples of edition. f. Biblioigraphy. II. Greek text provided with a (positive) \ul apparatus criticus\ul0 and \ul apparatus frontium\ul0 . Textual and mytographical commentary. IV. Translation. V. Index names.
Effective start/end date1/12/971/12/00


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