Eliminación Biologica de fosforo en aguas residuales: Optimización de las condiciones de operación en función de la caracterización biologica de los fangos

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    The limited knowledge about the microbiology and the biochemistry of the "Biological Phosphorous Removal" BPR processes and the need of improve their efficiency require to known the best conditions togrowth and select micro-organisms capable to accumulate Phosphorous. The better expectatives to improve the knowledge about the complicated biological systems for nutrient removal of urban wastewater are the use of the combination of methodologies that connate structural and functional parameters. In this work, a set of different methodologies combining bacteria populations identification and their activity determination in the sludge of waswater treatment plants will be hels to improve the knowledge of the Biological Removal Process. Finally the acquired knowledge will be applied to a real WWTP. The project structure is divided into two levels. The first one will be held in a lab scale, were the phosphorus biological accumulation is going to be study. The second one, a industrial scale (Caldes de Montbuí WWTP) were all the methodologies and results obtained in lab scale will be validated. The main objective of this level is to develop a general methodology and not to obtain the optimal operational conditions for a specific Waste Water Treatment Plant.
    Effective start/end date29/12/0028/12/03


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