Eliminació de nitrogen i fòsfor en sistemes de tractament d'aigües residuals amb microorganismes acumuladors de fosfats desnitrificants

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    The presence of nitrogen and phosphorus in wastewater represents an important environmental problem because it is one of the eutrophyzation causes. However, many wastewater treatment plants are not designed for nutrient (N and P) removal and hence they are an eutrophyzation cause. The knowledge of N and P biological removal, nowadays very limited, is necessary for a correct design and performance of the treatment plants. The objective of this project is to give scientific solutions able to advance significantly in this problem. The specific objectives are: 1) to make an in-depth study of the behaviour of denitrifying phosphate accumulating microorganisms, and 2) the design and optimization of a system for simultaneous removal of N and P, combination of nitrifying microorganisms and denitrifying P accumulating microorganisms. In addition of being an advance in knowledge and technology of nutrient removal, the implementation of these systems will represent a substantial improve in the decrease of contaminants load to natural catchments and an important saving in the operation of treatment plants: less oxygen consumption and less sludge production per unit of COD removed
    Effective start/end date13/12/0413/12/07


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