Electroquímica orgànica molecular

  • Gallardo Garcia, Iluminada (Principal Investigator)
  • Céspedes Vázquez, Estrella (Scholar)
  • Larumbe Arano, José Daniel (Scholar)
  • Martínez de Diago, Juan Carlos (Scholar)

Project Details


The purpose of the present project is to determine, through fast (direct and indirect) and slow electrochemical techniques, mechanisms and kinetic and thermodynamic constants of bond-breaking reactions associated to electron transfer processes. It must be remarked that this type of chemical reactions are not able to be studied otherwise. They show clearly the power of Electrochemistry as unavoidable element in basic research, and in understanding-qualitatively at least-reactions of special interest in other fields of science (e.g.: biochemistry). Likewise, this power emerges when dealing with other socially interesting science like Corrosion Science. Complementary use of theoretical calculations will lead to a better understanding of obtained results. The present study may allow in a near future to look for a larger effectiveness and specificity of synthetic developments in Electrochemistry
Effective start/end date1/01/8831/12/88


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