Elaboració d'un model de sumulació per optimitzar el control de l'enfermetat d'Aujeszky a nivell de granja.

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    Among the swine pathogens, the Aujeszky's disease virus is one of the main causes of productive and economic losses. Recently, vaccination against this disease has been declared compulsory in Spain. However, vaccination strategies alone don not allow the rapid eradication of the infection and they should be used jointly with other sanitary, higienic and husbandry procedures. To determine which are the most suitable actions directed either to the eradication of the disease or to avoid a new introduction of the virus in free herds itis necessary to know which are the risk factors involved in a given area. In this project, a population survey to know the demographic, productive, sanitary and facilities'characteristics of pig farms will be conducted over a representative sample of herds form Barcelona and Lleida. Results of that survey will allow to know which are the critical risk points in
    Effective start/end date1/07/961/07/99


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