El uso de las Políticas Sociales por las Mujeres Inmigrantes

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The most familiarist welfare regimes, that is, welfare systems in which social policies take for granted that household are responsible for the welfare provision to their members, are located within the Mediterranean area. Spain is one of the countries that can be regarded as prototype of Mediterranean familiarism. This aspect implies that women hold the responsibilty for welfare provision as no other potential alternatives are gien. Although the Mediterranean family system lessens the poverty effects because of both generational exchanges and scale economy, wihich make possible more extended households compare to those of European countries otherwise poverty levels will be higher-, the struggle against economic exclusion by means of family solidarity can curb the decelopment of new social rights. This project focuses on the treatment taht Spanish Welfare regimes, migrant women can be at a disadvantage not only because they do not have full access to social rights, but mainly because they do not participate within appropriate networks and are, thus, excluded from the groups that controls important resources. Finally, we found interesting to include the care provision for children and dependent people in order to identify immigrants`strategies abouth this policy.
Effective start/end date17/12/0131/12/04


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