El risc d'inundació en els nuclis turístics de la Costa Brava i de l'Alt Maresme: balanç actual i perspectives futures

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Flooding due to large storms or to overflow of watercourses represents one of the most common risks in the tourist areas of the Spanish Mediterranean coast. Although we know relatively well the causal mechanisms of flooding at the level of climatology and hidrology, much less information is available regarding the human and social dimensions of this hazard. Our research pretends to study how human vulnerability and adaptation to these phenomena are generated in the tourist areas of the Costa Brava and Alt Maresme (provinces of Girona and Barcelona). The balance between vulnerability and adaptation to the flood hazard, studied at the local level as well as for the area as a whole, may serve as a reference point for the design and implementation of future polices addressed at reducing the negative impacts of these phenomena.
Effective start/end date24/05/9331/12/96


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