El relat d'aventures i l'aventura ontològica: la recerca de l'impossible

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Every event in any living being's life is framed by the continuum space-time: the present is preceded by the past and precedes the future. In this way, every life becomes an \i adventure\i0 , in the etymological sense of the term, i.e. "to go towards". In the "Homo Sapiens" species this evidence cannot be separated from the fact of being conscious of it and, therefore, from the search of its meanning. Yet consciousness and search for meaning confront realities which scientific positivism is not able to explain and which are the ones that most have preoccupied humanity throughout history: the misteries of \i life, love, suffering\i0 and \i death\i0 . Thus, the search for meaning vecomes the \i search for the impossible.\i0 Understanding literature as a "meaningful ontological practice" (Strucutral Thematism), we will study the narrative, symbolic and mythical mechanisms of fiction which characterize and shape this search for the impossible. This study will be made through the analysis of stories related -either in a patent or in a latent way- to the subject of adventure and through some research into French literature of the XXth century, i. e. the period when science has reached its greatest achievements in history and Man'sz doubts about the meaning of his existence have become more explicit. The study of these stories as basic material, together with some support material such as stories of literatures from different countries and periods, as well as audio-visual productions for cinema and television, will help us to establish a tipology of the \i imaginery of adventure.\i0
Effective start/end date1/12/971/12/00


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