El paper dels autoantígens de l'espermatozoide humà en la fecundació i en patologies autoimmunes causants d'infertilitat

  • Martinez Ramirez, Paz (Principal Investigator)
  • Morte Martí, Carles (Scholar)
  • Iborra Obiols, Antonio (Scholar)
  • Palacio Cornide, José Ramón (Scholar)
  • Pilar Fuentes Majà (Scholar)
  • Andolz Peitivi, Pablo (Investigator)
  • Bielsa Carrión, mª Angeles (Investigator)
  • Gris Martínez, José Mª (Investigator)

    Project Details


    Sperm membrane antigens are the target for some autoimmune diseases in men; these antigens elicit antibody production, inducing infertility; their isolation has great interest: determination of which are the receptors in sperm membrane responsible for the binding, species specific, with oocyte pellucidal zone (ZP), that promotes acrosome exocytosis (acrosome reaction) in sperm. In mouse, a 95 kD protein, that increases phosphorylation in its interaction with oocyte ZP and in the process of acrosome reaction, has been described. We have obtained a monoclonal antibody (high priority in a Workshop by the WHO) sperm specific that allowed to define to a 95 kD human sperm protein named FA-2 (Fertilization-Antigen 2). In this project, we will isolate FA-2 antigen to investigate the phosphorylation ability in capacitation and acrosome reaction of human sperm. We will try to know its role in fert
    Effective start/end date1/07/951/07/98


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