El Paper de la Dona en les Estragègies de Desenvolupament Rural. Un Estudi Comparatiu des de la Geografia

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The general purpose of this project is to analyze the changing role of women's participation in the reestructuring process of the rural areas within the framework of the globalization of the economy. It seems that women's work is a key factor in this process in many of the rural areas in the developed world as in the underdeveloped. The first aim is to make visible the growing participation of women in the labour market (formal and informal), as statistics undervaluate it. The second aim is to study, through fieldwork in four regions of Spain as well as in a sample of selected areas of other countries (France, Argentina and Sao Tomé), those activities where women's work is more conspicous; some of the activities are "new" like telematics, roural tourism, some type of services, etc. but others are quite traditional. The third aim is to define the different areal patterns and models of rural developement and its gender relations derived from the different contexts included in the research.
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