El paper de la dona a l'agricultura espanyola: una anàlisi des de la geografia del gènere

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The main purpose of this project is to analyse from a spatial viewpoint the role of women in Spanish agriculture, especially in the family farm. On one hand, a deeper conceptualisation of work will be sought to establish guidelines for data collection. On the other hand, women's work in agriculture will be approached, first through the data (published and unpublished) of the Agrarian Census of 1982 and afterwards through fieldwork. In the first step of the analysis relevant information will be compiled and compared at a provincial level and for the whole country. In a second step, data elaboration will be deepened for the Catalan provinces, drawing upon the relevant and unpublished information compiled by the Dept. of Agriculture of the Catalan Regional Government. In the third step, two Catalan rural areas will be analysed in depth, Osona (in the province of Barcelona) and Alt Urgell (in the province of Lleida) which can be considered fairly representative of other rural areas in the region. The information corresponding to this step will be mainly collected through fieldwork
Effective start/end date1/01/8831/12/88


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