El paisaje histórico en la Hispania romana

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Thr aim of this research project is reconstructing the ancient landscapes in several settings of the Iberian Perninsula with a timing of c. 1000 years (500BC-AD500).The selected areas are mainly placed in Catalonia but also some regions have been chosen from other Spanish communities like Andalusia (Antequera),Valencia (Elche) and Balearic Islands (Cabrera). In order to reach such an objective we have to start from the present, turning the normal historical timing round, and searching for some traces left behind by ancient landscapes in the following historial stages, of course always due to human activity in every period (ancient cadastres).That is how we basically try to restore the ancient cadastes.Moreover, we believe such a work could equally be useful for some local (town halls,constituencies) or even further (regional and central govermments) administrations. Set up with that dual objective-interest in the past and utility for the present-our research project integrates four working issues:1.Testing whether Roman surveyor's texts(agrimensores)could be applied to every region dessigned for study in the Iberian Peninsula.2.Creating data bases from every region in with archaeological data and other inputs (cadastres, morphological aspects) could be gradually updated.3.Studyng how the land was being populated in the Iberian Peninsula both before anda after changes provoked by Roman occupation.4. Promoting "Naural Park-Isle of Cabrera" within our Quropean Research Project COST G-2. It could highly endeavour its development into a "cultural park", especially by studying the landscape activity produced by the monastery whose reins still remain at present.
Effective start/end date19/12/0019/12/03


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