El mitògrafs grecs. Estudi de la tradició textual i edició

  • Cuartero Iborra, Francesc Josep (Principal Investigator)
  • Balasch Recort, Manuel (Investigator)
  • Santiago Alvarez, Rosa Araceli (Investigator)
  • Varias Garcia, Carlos (Investigator)
  • Gómez Pallarès, Josep M. (Investigator)
  • Rodríguez Sadurní, Provado (Investigator)

Project Details


a) Manuscript witnesses of Greek mythographers will be compiled. Microfilms and photocopies of catalogued material will be collected; b) uncatalogued material in current editions, but of the existence of which we are aware, will be collected; c) manuscript tradition of Greek mythographers will be studied. It will be necessary, in several cases, to make in situ examinations of codexes at the Bibliothèque Nationale of Paris, Bodleyan Library (Oxford), British Library (London), Biblioteca Vaticana, and Biblioteca Nazionale (Napoli); d) the stemma codicum of each work will be drawn; e) critical editions of Pseudo-Apollodorus, Palaephatus, Pseudo-Eratosthenes, Parthenius of Nicaea, Antoninus Liberalis, and minor mythographers will be prepared.
Effective start/end date27/06/9427/06/97


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