El llenguatge com a problema social: anglès i castellà a Gibraltar

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The object of this study is to analyze the linguistic situation in Gibraltar. The use of English, Spanish and Yanito (the code-mixing of English and Spanish) in Gibraltarians can be best understood by taking into account the attitudes of the population, the society's sense of identity, social context, ethnic group and social class. This research project addresses three specific issues: a) attitudes towards language use; b) social and extralinguistic constraints on the use of English, Spanish and Yanito in the Gibraltarian speech community; c) linguistic constraints on the code-mixing of English and Spanish. Three different types of methodology are used to obtain the data for analysis. The data on attitudes are obtained with a matched guise test which will be applied to three hundred people. Data on language use and choice are obtained through in-depth interviews using questions designed
Effective start/end date26/09/9126/09/94


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