El "Libro del Buen Amor": text i contextos

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The \i Libro del Buen Amor\i0 goes on creating a lot of hidden motives, all of them still not solved. To start with, we must look for more facts related to its author in the archive of the Toledo's Cathedral, where the only file that gives evidence to his name and his eclesiastic role -"Johanne Roderici, Archipresbitero de Fita"- has been found. We also must check again the most important evidences that have kept the work in the light of the really critic editions which have been published in the 2oth century, from the one by Ducamin (1901) to the last one by Alberto Blecua (1992). It's a question of fixing, from now on, a definitive text, that involves not only a bigger knowledge of the language of that time, but also a study of the literary and not literary patterns which our Arcipreste uses for each part of his work. In both tasks, we must inquire into some aspects which have been studied with very little accuracy until now, such as the medical, juridical, musical and philosophical souces, and so on and so forth. The study of all these lines or disciplines -the context of the text- will certainly bring forward new linguistic, ecdotic and literary discoveries.
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